How to Hurricane Proof Your House?

Many people wonder how to protect themselves during hurricanes and what’s the best way to go about it. People who live in areas prone to storms and hurricanes have to come up with a plan for damage control. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Impact Glass Protection

The best way to make your home protected from hurricanes is to install impact glass doors and windows. These glasses have several protective layers and are highly resistant to any outside impact. It also prevents potential shattering, burglary, high temperatures, and shields from harmful UV rays.

Cost-Effective and Money-Saving Investment

Hurricane windows and doors are best made with high-quality impact glass. It is an affordable one-time investment. Once you’ve installed the impact glass, you’re good to go. It will protect your home and your loved ones from hurricanes while staying intact.


This installment in your home is a great investment since it will raise your property value. Also, it costs less than any other investment for hurricane protection. Most people buy hurricane shutters which are less effective and require more spending in the long run. What is more, your bills will decrease because the impact glass will lower the overall temperature of the house. You won’t be spending as much time and money on air-conditioning.

Safety Always Comes First

The best thing about having impact glass doors and windows is that they protect you from an array of hazards. They will reduce noise, prevent break-ins, lower the house temperature, and keep everyone and everything safe.

Even your furniture will be less exposed to damaging sunlight. Therefore, the interior of your house will remain preserved. Your loved ones and yourself will be sheltered from damaging UV rays. Burglaries will be prevented since it is not easy to break in through impact glass.

Protection From Many Different Types of Weather

Impact glass can most importantly protect you from strong winds, hazardous storms, and hurricanes. They can also save you from dangerous tornadoes. Even if there was a strong storm, the glass is designed not to shatter into pieces. Most injuries with standard glass occur when the glass breaks and hurts the residents inside the house.

You don’t have to worry about such issues when you have hurricane impact doors and windows. The impact glass is designed only to crack if it is under too much pressure. However, it will still remain unshattered. Impact glass represents the best contemporary solution for protecting your home from hurricanes.

Other Pros

The impact doors and windows can come in different styles and designs. This will help make your home more appealing while you invest in your safety.

The glass will be a permanent and most efficient means of protecting your home, your loved ones, and yourself.

Certain insurance companies will make you a better deal if you have impact glass doors and windows.

Installing impact glass will inevitably raise your home value and property value. If you ever wish to sell your home you will be able to raise the price effortlessly.