Tips To Stay Healthy In 2018

2017 has passed and the new year began and along with it, came the time to try something new and work on your health. Keeping a strong body and mind is not only important health wise, but it is also important for your happiness as well. You cannot go out there and do your best in every field if you do not feel good in your own body and if you have health issues.

Well, there are always some useful tips that will help you to keep up with this fast pasted world. With this in mind, one of the most important things, when it comes to staying healthy and in shape, is nutrition. First of all, you have to tell yourself that your new year resolution will be better nutrition and health.

Now that your mind is set on it, you can feel free to focus on three areas of health that should become your priority during the whole year. The thing with good health is that it comes from the inside. Gut health or the health of your intestines and bowels, proper and regular hydration and all sorts of anti inflammatory foods are crucial and top three things that you always have to keep in your mind.

Holidays are great but risky

This comes mostly due to the fact that end of the year is almost always related to celebrations and holidays. During these days, people tend to eat more and drink more. Extra food and drinks are fine but they do tend to leave your body filled with ingredients that are not supposed to be there.

Processed and refined carbohydrates, added salts and sugars, these are not good for your body at all and foods rich in these increase systematic inflammation. Over time, this can become a serious health issue that might lead to developing chronic illnesses like becoming obese or overweight, hypertension, heart disease or diabetes. A good and moderate diet modification will significantly reduce a risk of any of the aforementioned including stroke or heart attack.

Holidays are great but riskyThe trick is to put your main focus on meals with minimally processed whole foods, which usually come with limited to no added fats, salts or sugars. This can be easily done by regularly eating foods like nuts, fruits and both non-starchy and starchy vegetables.

Now, proper hydration means that it is recommended to drink about 2,7 liters of water every day or 10 to 15 normal glasses of water per day. This can vary in case that you use any medication or have increased levels of physical activity. Proper hydration is crucial for liver and kidney function but it is also very important because it improves your digestion and regulates your appetite. Water is still the best choice even though you can drink coffee and tea. Still, if you decide to go with tea or coffee, be mindful of the caffeine intake. Finally, eat pre-biotics like greens, onion and garlic or whole wheat.