Is a Housekeeper Better Than House Cleaning Service?

Families who have busy schedules often employ professionals to help them around the house. While this seems simple enough, it can be quite a process to decide you will hire. One of the biggest dilemmas people face is whether to hire a housekeeper or a cleaning service. We are here to give you some answers.

Think About What You Are Looking For

If you have a large space which needs to be cleaned you should consider hiring a cleaning company. A housekeeper will do the job diligently but sometimes cannot cover the entirety of your home. If you need some thing’s to be done in a certain time frame you should consider hiring multiple professionals. Look at it this way, if you use a cleaning company it is like you’ve hired a number of housekeepers to do the job more efficiently.

On the other hand, hiring a housekeeper can give you a sense of consistency. For some people, it is easier to introduce one new individual to their household rather than several. Though this is understandable, sometimes it won’t get the job done.

What is more, it is easier to organize and correct a group of people. Housekeepers tend to have some methods which are unalterable and which you would like to avoid. If you are dissatisfied with a cleaning company you can get new staff. If you are dissatisfied with the housekeeper it is not that easy to change.

Time-consuming and Thorough Cleaning

Take into consideration what needs to be done in your home and when do you want it finished. Some areas require special attention to detail. You might need to give elaborate instructions on how you want the job to be done. This is more likely to be achieved if there is enough time.


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Each Area is Different

For example, the kitchen needs detailed cleaning of counters and appliances. Preferably the fridge, stove, and dishwasher should be seen to, as well. If there is time, the oven and insides of all appliances should be cleaned thoroughly. Of course, floors and windows should be cleaned as well.

Bathrooms should be cleaned with diligence. This is the main spot for hygiene in the house. The sink, bathtub or shower, and toilet should be scrubbed. All tiles and surfaces should be wiped and polished if needed. If possible, the toilet supplies should be restocked (toilet paper, liquid soap, cotton balls etc.)

For other rooms, such as bedrooms and the living room, might require more instructions from your side. Apart from standard, vacuuming, dusting, wiping and arranging, you might have some special requests to your own accord.

Now, think about how thorough and time-consuming this job needs to be. It barely seems like a job one person could possibly achieve on their own. If your home needs this type of dedication you are better off hiring a team of professionals.