What is Capital Pride Festival?

In any given organization, you will find that there are some events that they organize within the company to mark some progress in the company. This kind of festival activities is so crucial as they help in bringing the people together in the aim of achieving a common goal which is the growth and development of the company.

Capital pride festival is a kind of celebration that is designed to attract vendors in the aim of improving the standards of the company. The capital pride centre has the rights to change the given time, date, location or even if it is not worthy terminating all operation but they will do this if they have only given prior notice.

Things That Are Prohibited In the Festival

In many of the capital city pride festival, you will find that not all the people have come with the intention of celebration, others usually come in order to hard other and thus they must be very keen in whoever enters the premises and see to it they carry nothing that will end up causing a lot of trouble.



For the lovers of pet in this kind of festival pets are highly prohibited, but before we go far, there should be some common sense that should be applied since it is something scarce to find someone coming with a pet to this kind of festival. This party is usually done on a hot day, and therefore it will be recommended if you leave the pooch inside the AC. If you know well that your dog will not respond well in places where there is a lot of noise, the large crowd then the best thing that you should do is to omit the shindigs.

Before The Festival Check The Weather

It is a good idea to see how the weather behaves before you decide to take a step towards the festival. The sun may be scorching, and thus you may end up having an umbrella to protect you from the sun rays. Also during this kind of whether it is advisable to drink a lot of water to help you stay firm rather than being dehydrated, even on the long run, you may also decide to apply sunscreen to help you out.

Also, the festival ground is usually surrounded by trees, and therefore it will be better to be on the shades.


This is among the top things that should be well organized since the event is not only attended by one, but a significant number of people regularly participate. The parking is generally at the Washington Park and also along the residential side streets near the park. The rules given should be obeyed and followed at all time without even skipping.


Within the Washington Park, there are a lot of porta-potties almost 18 in number. Having all this it is therefore against their rules to urinate at any place within the park. You should have self-respect and avoid doing that at all given cost no matter the kind of situation you are in.



This is among the top things that you will never lack in any festival activity. People are expected to drink and eat to mark the day successful. They usually have eight different food trucks and food vendors that are there to sell anything that you want from grilled food, burger, pizza and also all kind of vegetables that you want.

Also, you will find that the booths usually have water and soft drinks that are just available for purchase.


When the festival season comes, it is always an essential thing if they are celebrated in the best way possible. This in return helps to maintain the standards of the company as it also addresses issues that have affected the company in one way or another and how they can be solved out as soon as possible. Having this kind of festivals will help in making sure that the company gains in matters discussed and thus they may plan on how to utilize their available resources.